Spotify vs Deezer

It seems that if you want a music streaming service, the main contenders available in the UK are Spotify and Deezer, with Spotify being the more famous of the two.  I recently came back to Spotify Premium after about half a year with a Deezer subscription.  So I feel I’m in quite a good position to give a comparison between the two services.  Why did I move from Spotify to Deezer in the first place?  Why have I come back to Spotify?

Shedding the Spots

The main reason I moved away from Spotify was because I discovered that it uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology and that there is no option to disable this.  This means that whenever the Spotify program is open, it will happily upload lots of music data that you happen to have on your hard drive (perhaps because it’s cached or because it’s in an “available offline” playlist) to other Spotify users.

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