The Gamer family play Monopoly


Daddy Gamer, Mummy Gamer, Master Gamer and Little Miss Gamer are playing a game of Monopoly together.

Daddy Gamer is deliberately buying no property at all throughout the whole game because it “rewards 5 achievement points.”

A short while into the game, one of the dice gets lost underneath the sofa and Miss Gamer starts screaming and shouting that “this game is such a buggy piece of crap!”

Mummy Gamer rolls a double three times in a row but doesn’t realise that this means she must go to jail.  “LOL – u r such a gay noob!” says Daddy Gamer (who spent 2 hours before the game reading tactical guides and wiki pages to prepare) and everyone starts pointing at her and laughing.

Little Miss Gamer takes a Chance card and is told to pay money for each house and hotel that she owns.  She refuses to pay shouting that the card is “totally OP and needs a nerf!”

At the end, Mummy Gamer is declared winner but soon after overturns the board shouting “OMG WTF NO LOOT?!?!”

( photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc )

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