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What is this?

Enter a password to test in the box. This page will give you an estimation of the strength of the password in a box below as you type. If you want some more info on how the password was broken up into parts, click the button.


It is very hard to give an accurate figure for the strength / entropy of any passwords that have been thought up by humans (rather than generated with a system) and as such, the results of this page should be taken with a pinch or so of salt.

Do you trust me?

This page is an HTTPS page and the passwords you enter are checked using JavaScript (so the passwords are never sent to my web server). It works fine without an Internet connection - now that the page has loaded, try pulling out your ethernet cable, disabling your WiFi, etc and then typing in a password - it will carry on working fine.

If you trust me (Ben Kennish) not to steal your passwords, you know for a fact that I own the domain name and can verify that your browser is using HTTPS to show you this page, you might feel happy to enter your real password(s) into this page. But tbh, I would recommend that you NEVER trust your actual passwords to a random webpage - type in passwords that are similar but slightly modified and never give any indication of which systems you might use these passwords for.

How does this work?

This page was updated on 2nd February 2019 and now uses version 4.4.2 of the zxcvbn JavaScript library (see below for more info.)

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