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Mixed content test (HTTP within HTTPS)

This page tests how your web browser responds to an HTTPS page that includes HTTP content.

For more info, see this post about mixed content on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN).

Password submitting to an insecure page

Mixed Passive/Display Content



Image via HTTP has not loaded


Mixed Active Content

JavaScript .js file

JavaScript .js file sent over HTTP has not run. This is a good thing

link tag

If the background to this page is pale red, a CSS stylesheet sent over HTTP has been applied.


If you see an alert box on load, Javascript was allowed to connect to an HTTP site using an XMLHttpRequest object


If you see a message in the iframe below, the contents have been sent over HTTP:

url() in CSS

If this paragraph has an image in background, the background was set to url() with an HTTP URL. Firefox 27 treats this as passive/display content

If the font used in this document seems peculiar, a CSS @import request was made over HTTP

Object (e.g. Flash)

If you see a 'Hello World' video below, a flash video sent over HTTP has loaded

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